This Month’s Spotlight!
Sandra Shorthouse

Sandra believes you work hard for your money and you deserve to have it invested wisely.  She endeavours to keep as much in your pocket as is humanly possible by creating Plans that make sense to you.  While it is important to pave the way into your future, it is also extremely important to enjoy the present moments with the people you love.

Sandra Shorthouse is known as a “Personal Protector of Dreams” and works with clients providing innovative products that protect businesses, individuals & families by offering Progressive Financial Guidance using the best of each company’s products for the following:

• Disability/Critical Illness
• Group Benefitst-
• Tax Free Savings Accounts
• Annuities Retirement Planning
• Debt Amalgamation & Cash Flow Solutions
• Mortgage Insurance
• RESP’s (Education savings)
• Bank accounts (chequing, Savings)
• Visa (debt amalgamation)

S.G. Shorthouse Insurance & Financial Services
Phone: 905 708 0086
Fax: 905 708 0098
E-Mail: Sandra Shorthouse

Sandra became an Insurance Broker fully licenced on February 1st, 1990. Thirty One years ago.  As a beginner in the Life Insurance Business she had no idea what was ahead of her.  She began her journey attached to a General Insurance Brokerage. It was challenging but she so wanted to be her own boss.  
In April, 1990 she became a member of Niagara Area Business Women’s Networking  Group known as NABWN. 
She joined with a Lawyer, an accountant, an investment dealer and a public speaker to form a group of women who wanted to work together and give one another leads and referrals. 
This opened many doors to great friendships and networking opportunities. 
The involvement with such wonderful, productive and successful women was a great experience. 
Nabwn has grown and evolved over the years. Even though members come and go and life changes it has been a lovely journey.   Brock and Niagara College students benefit from the Bursaries set up to promote young entrepreneurs and the endowments continue to grow and will be in place for years to come. 
NABWN is full of stories about the great days, fun events and changes that have occurred over time. 
Sandra has been Networker of the year a few times feeling honoured to achieve that status within the group and has enjoyed the moments of sharing and caring.