This Month’s Spotlight!
Michelle Ohm

Insurance—“The Necessary Evil”

Not everyone is a fan of Insurance Brokers, Agents, Insurance Companies or Insurance in general. They
view it as a necessary evil in some cases. Something they pay for, but never get anything out of. But
this is the hope, that you won’t have to use it, what you are buying is security and peace of mind. That
in the event of a loss, you will be properly protected, based on the coverages you have purchased and

I love my job!

I have been committed to the insurance profession for over 27 years, and a member of the Verge team
for 18 of those years. After graduating from Carleton University, I decided to follow in my father’s
footsteps, getting into the family insurance business, MacDonald Ohm Insurance. It was here I became
a licensed insurance broker in 1995. Since that time I have worked in both personal and business
insurance, studying in Hartford Connecticut for my Commercial Insurance Specialty. I currently carry a
large Commercial Book of Business, as well as work with our Personal Sales staff to place personal lines
insurance for my clients.

Why do I love my job?

I love to help people, I love to solve problems. I love to make sure my clients understand their
insurance coverage, what their needs may be and how we can find them the coverages they require to
best protect their businesses, autos, properties etc…

    Michelle E. Ohm, BA(HONS),CIP
    Business Account Executive
    The Verge Group

    Insurance can be complicated, I like to make it uncomplicated

    Ultimately, my clients choose their insurance coverages and limits. My job and expertise is to make sure they are aware of what they have chosen, what they have in place, what other coverages are available to them, and if they choose to decline a certain coverage, they are fully aware of what they are declining and how this would affect them in the event of a loss. I act as their advisor to help them make an informed decision about their coverages.

    Not all insurance policies are created equal?

    Ask yourself why is this policy cheaper than another, are you missing coverages, are the limits lower, are the deductibles higher, is the package not as comprehensive? It is very important to know the differences between policies and pricing. Cheaper is not always better, and in most cases it is coverages
    you may be missing.

    Key Button Topics to be aware of:

    • Liability Limits—are they high enough?
    • Accident Benefits- higher limits are available over the Standard Accident Benefits in your Auto Insurance Policy
    • Overland water Coverage/Sewer Backup Coverage
    • Business Interruption Coverage- all companies should have this coverage for ongoing profits losses if a claim shuts down your business
    • Cyber Liability- all businesses small and medium/large need Cyber Protection
    • Commercial Vehicles- do you use your vehicle for business, it needs to be insured as such
    • Floaters- Do you have items that travel with you to work/on sites? They need separate coverage
    • Home Business-if you work out of your home your homeowner’s policy doesn’t automatically cover you for business-related exposures/contents/equipment etc.

    Please note: these items are just generalizations and would need further review with a licensed Broker
    on your insurance policies.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss any of your insurance needs!