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Maureen Sherman

In 1996 employed in a Health food store I began my business as a “Wholistic Lifestyle Consultant when a patron requested a private Consult with me. While exploring requirements of a consultant I discovered this new career called Coaching. 

I began by volunteering for one of the earliest coaching schools’ initiatives to spread coaching globally. The enthusiasm for coaching was palatable so I chose to become a Coach.


With my own diverse career history including manufacturing, the food and hospital industries I transitioned into banking in three distinct roles for the final 17 years as an employee. The challenges of adapting led me to choosing my niche of Professional Development and Life Coaching. My business at once grew organically through referrals both internationally and locally. 


I have studied to stay current under the guidance of some of the best in the world learning and certifying in groundbreaking neuroscientific approaches including specific trainings in Relationships, Communication and more. This has led to a unique one of a kind customized and individualized process.


Client results my priority range from a diversity of challenges including stress management, longing for change, burnout, ADD, goal and career advancements.


 My current clients range from Business Owners, Leaders, Administrators, Parents, Partners, Tweens and students easing academic goals.


As member of NABWN since 2004 enjoying the benefits and networking with some of the most successful savvy and diverse professional women in Niagara. 


Are you living your best life?  “If not, change your brain and change your life”
-Coach Maureen

Einstein once said, “One cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created it”.


Maureen Sherman

Maureen Sherman Certified Coach
Professional Development & Life
Wholistic Lifestyle Consulting
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