History of NABWN

In the spring of 1990, during a golf tournament, a stockbroker, chartered accountant and lawyer began chatting about the idea of organizing a networking group for women in business, similar to one already active in Hamilton. Shortly thereafter, meetings rotated at each of their offices, whereby networking amongst themselves over coffee became a monthly event with exchanges of business opportunities through leads and referrals.

Successful networking requires additional growth in numbers and to this end an insurance broker and travel consultant were recruited. As the group expanded, a constitution with by-laws was drafted and completed.  Goals, objectives and a philanthropic component were added.  Soon NABWN’s membership outgrew the “boardrooms” and new venues for the meetings were chosen; such as, local hotels and convention centres.


NABWN has remained loyal to the key principles set in motion at its inception——the exclusivity of each member’s category, along with mutual support and referrals.  The monthly meetings in themselves are only part of the NABWN experience. There are socials and opportunities to showcase businesses outside of the meetings, where lasting friendships are formed and fun is encouraged.

NABWN remains a stable and great place to meet, to grow and face challenges——women who are leaders, continuing to meet the business world together.  Today NABWN boasts over 50 members.  The NABWN Dayle Ashford Networker of the Year award is presented yearly.


NABWN Bursaries

NABWN has established bursaries at Brock University and Niagara College, providing funds to blossoming entrepreneurs and business women in our community.  These funds continue to grow with support for years to come and as of 2015 over $96,800 has been donated to the bursaries.  The Bursary for Niagara College is now called the NABWN Del Daignault Student Bursary, after one of the founders of NABWN who passed away in 2013.


New Members

A woman who is interested in joining NABWN may come to a meeting as a guest but must first complete and submit the application form on the Join Us page.  The Membership committee will review the information to ensure that there is no conflict with an existing NABWN member and then notify the applicant.