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Catherine Semerjian

First and foremost, people ask about the name. Nerses was my grandfather; he opened the business in 1966. My father took it over, my mother soon joined him and here I am. As with any industry, we’ve undergone a lot of changes in that time. Initially there was anxiety about switching to colour, then moving to digital. We’ve always done our best ot adapt to new technologies and many of our core tenets have remained the same.

Perhaps the most challenging part of photography is hearing a single phrase “I hate getting my picture taken.” The job becomes primarily about communication, getting folks to relax and enjoy the process. Making sure a client is comfortable and relaxed is just as important as posing and technical skill. When a client walks out saying “That was fun,” it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Whether we’re taking passport photos, professional headshots or wedding pictures, we always strive to make sure people have a great experience.

NABWN has been a huge benefit to our business because of all the wonderful contacts we’ve made over the years. For people new to the area or business, it’s an instant network of contacts. This is a group of supportive, smart women who all have the same goal: Helping each other succeed.


Catherine Semerjian

Catherine Semerjian
Nerses Photography
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