This Month’s Spotlight!
Joan Fairchild

I represent Lake and Carlton Cleaners/Laundromat / Norwex Consultant.

I was born and raised in St. Catharines and have been in the service industry for most of my career which has contributed to the success of my business.
I became a member of NABWN in 2003 and it has been a very rewarding experience with
networking in the Niagara area.   I truly value the many friendships I have made during my time with NABWN.

We are a self service laundromat with high efficiency machines, as well as having a wash and fold service where myself and my trusted assistant can help you with all your laundry needs.

NABWN has helped me and my business grow.  I was originally a wash and fold and dry cleaning service and wanted to expand my service.  I researched a company called Norwex which was started in Norway 27 years ago.
I was impressed with how I could educate others with their healthy products free of harmful chemicals. I incorporated these products such as, laundry detergent,
laundry booster, dryer balls, stain remover, laundry bags, enviro cloths and window cloths into my daily routine.

I am a depot for Manor Cleaners with whom I have a strong working relationship.  I know I can rely on them to remove stubborn stains on everything from shirts, pants, jackets to wedding gowns.
I have many success stories and our mission is to take care of your laundry and cleaning needs so you can save time on other things in your life. It is very gratifying that my fellow NABWN members are confident to contact me for advice regarding stains on their clothes or what safe products they should use in their home.
This has earned me the title of “Laundry Angel”.


Joan Fairchild

Lake & Carlton Laundromat/Cleaners
Norwex Independent Consultant
117 Carlton St,
St. Catharines, ON L2R 1R5
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